Window Cleaning the Lazy Daisy Cleaning Way

Forget the buckets, ladders, squeezes, and soap… When you want the safest and most efficient window cleaning service around, you need to book your cleaners through Lazy Daisy Cleaning.

More Than Just Glass Cleaning…

  • Your service will include the cleaning of PVC frames and sills as well as glass
  • Window cleaning is offered for both domestic and commercial properties
  • Cleaners work seven days a week, and on bank holidays too
  • All window cleaners are reference-vetted
  • This service is covered by public and employers liability insurance

Window Cleaners Who Work From Ground Level

Whenever the height of the windows and ground access make it possible, your glass cleaning is completed from ground level using a water fed pole with a cleaning brush attached.

Purified water is sprayed onto the window, passed across it to lift dirt, then the glass is rinsed. Since purified water is a powerful cleanser, no detergents are required and the windows are allowed to air-dry, resulting in a smear-free finish.

The speed and safety of this approach allows us to offer a superior service at a very attractive rate. Combine window cleaning with other work and you may be offered a reduced rate for your combined services.

Call us 24/7 on 020 3746 3055. You’ll be asked a few questions about the height of the windows you’d like cleaned, and about access and parking, so that the person speaking to you can determine if water-fed pole window cleaning is likely to suit your needs. You’ll get an instant free quote, and if you wish to book, you can do so immediately, without paying any deposit.

When water-fed pole cleaning isn’t practical, conventional bucket and ladder or even rope down access cleaning may be offered.