Reliable Domestic Cleaning from Lazy Daisy Cleaning

Finding a cleaner who arrives on time and works hard without supervision really isn’t difficult! Just book your domestic cleaning from Lazy Daisy Cleaning, where top quality comes as standard.

The Essential Elements of First Class Home Cleaning

  • All cleaners are reference-vetted and trained to work efficiently
  • Appointment can be arranged for early mornings, daytime, or evenings
  • Work is monitored regularly by quality control supervisors
  • We offer weekend and bank holiday services
  • You choose the frequency of your service – it could be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly

Cleaners Who Work to a System

One of the benefits of employing a regular domestic is that your home gets cleaner over time. Your maid will take your own preferences and priorities into account, but generally speaking your sessions will be split into two main parts:

Your cleaner starts with the chores that need doing at every visit. This usually means cleaning sinks, baths and toilets, making sure that kitchen worktops and surfaces are spotless, vacuuming, dusting, and polishing in living areas, halls, and bedrooms.

The remaining time available is spent on rotational tasks. At one session this might mean emptying store cupboards to clean inside them, another time windows are cleaned from the inside.

Regular domestic cleaning is usually completed by the same cleaner at every visit. If you don’t need a planned service you can cancel without penalty so long as you give notice. On your request, Lazy Daisy Cleaning will arrange replacement cover when your regular cleaner is away.

Get a Quote for Domestic Cleaning

Just call our 24/7 customer support line, 020 3746 3055. You’ll get an immediate quote based on our hourly rates. If you need help urgently, we’ll do our best to get someone to you on the very day you call.