Carpet Cleaning by Lazy Daisy

Lazy Daisy Cleaning, located in Islington, now offers an improved carpet cleaning service at an even lower price!

The method of cleaning depends on the carpet material and the level of dirt. Additional treatment could be applied if there are any stubborn stains and extra solid dirt.

Both the steam and dry cleaning techniques we employ will provide your carpets with a delicate care and will effectively extract stains and grime from its fibres.

Lazy Daisy’s Carpet Washing Methods

Our high-tech machines perform a deep washing of the rug/carpet, eliminating the risk of damaging the fabric. A DIY clean is also an option, but the lack of professional machinery will be an obstacle to achieving the same results. You will never be able to reach so deep into the fibres and extract all dust, dirt and bacteria only with manual scrubbing.

It is recommended that all carpets and rugs should be professionally cleaned every 6 months to support a good hygiene and promote your family’s health.

Each cleaning starts with a hoover and pre-testing of the carpet to determine the type of material and which method of cleaning to apply. Organic, wool and synthetic fabrics are washed with steam, while the delicate, prone to shrinking upholsteries are dry-washed.

Steam cleaning

  1. We start with a pre-treatment of settled stains and high traffic areas
  2. Injection of water mixed with cleaning product into the carpet
  3. Extracting of the solution with a strong vacuum. Almost all moisture is extracted, and the rest of it will dry up for 3 to 4 hours.

Dry cleaning

  1. Pre-treatment of extra dirty areas and spots
  2. Spreading a special powder on the carpet surface which will absorb any dirt, dust and bad odour
  3. Scrubbing this powder deep into the carpet with a brush attachment
  4. Vacuuming the powder out of the carpet. You can walk on it immediately after our intervention.

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